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Australia Tourist Visa ( Subclass 600 )

Australia Tourist Visa ( Subclass 600 ) allows people to visit Australia for a holiday, visit family or friends (for a stay up to 12 months) or for a short term non work purpose.

  • Tourist Visas are valid for up to 3, 6 or 12 months depending on your circumstances at the time of application
  • You are able to Study on this visa for any eligible short courses for no more than 3 months

There are no “eligible” passports in order to apply for this visa and therefore anyone can apply so long as there is a genuine reason to visit Australia.

Australia Tourist Visa (subclass 600)

Australia Tourist Visa Subclass 600 allows people to visit Australia for a holiday, visit family or friends (for a stay up to 12 months) or for a short term non work purposes.

This visa lets you travel to Australia:

  • As a tourist
  • For business Tourist activities
  • To visit family/friends
  • On a tour with a registered travel agent

Australia Tourist Visa (subclass 600)


Up to 12 months


From AUD140

Processing Time
  • 75% of applications : 18days
  • 90% of applications : 28days
With this visa you can
  • visit family or friends
  • be here as a tourist,for a cruise,or for purposes other than businessor medical treatment
You Must
  • intend to come to Australiato visit only
  • have enough mony for your stay in Australia
  • not work in Australia

Australia Visit Visa Details

The Australia Visit Visa is used by visiting individuals, families and businesspersons to facilitate short travel and tourism to Australia. There are three major subtypes of this visa:

  • Tourist visitor : Someone visiting Australia for leisure and recreation or to meet friends and family. You can apply for this from outside or within Australia
  • Business visitor : For businesspersons making short business trips for business, negotiations or to attend events. You must apply for this from outside Australia
  • Sponsored family visitor : For family members outside Australia who are sponsored for a visit visa by an Australian citizen or permanent resident

Key points to note about this visa are:

  • You cannot work on this visa
  • This visa allows you to travel and stay across Australia
  • The visa is typically issued for a period between 3 months to one year

Documents for Australia Tourist Visa Application

Following documents are required for the Australia tourist visa:

  • Valid passport (should be valid for at least 6 months before your submission of visa with a minimum of 3 blank pages).
  • Copy of the first, last and observation page should be notarized and submitted along with the documents.
  • Confirmed returned air tickets.
  • 2 recent passport sizes colored photographs.
  • Covering letter mentioning in detail the travel itinerary with the proof of hotel stay with the traveler name and address.
  • Original bank statements of the last 6 months duly signed and attested by the bank official

Additional Documents:

  • If employed, salary slips for the last 6 months and original leave letter from employer
  • If self-employed or company owner, certificate of registration of the company and covering letter on the company letter head and financial documents
  • If student, original NOC letter from school/college with ID card copy
  • If having family in Australia,
    • Passport and visa copies or immigration status of the invitee
    • Invitation letter
    • Relationship proof
  • If more than 75 years of age, medical requirements required from panel doctors after getting instruction from the embassy

General information

The Visitor visa (subclass 600) lets you visit Australia for tourism or business visitor activities.

Tourism includes holidays, recreation and seeing family or friends.

Business visitor activities may include attending a conference, negotiation or an exploratory business visit.

You must possess a passport valid for travel to the United States with a validity date at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States.

People intending informal study or training for less than 3 months, may also apply for a Visitor visa.

Longer Visitor visas for parents of Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents

Parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents are able to apply for Visitor visas to visit Australia for longer.

The department will grant on a case-by-case basis:

  • Visitor visas of up to five years validity which provide a stay of up to 12 months on each entry to those parents who are outside Australia and are in the Parent (subclass 103) visa queue.
  • Visitor visas of up to three years validity with 12 months stay on each entry will be considered for parents who are outside Australia and are not in the Parent visa queue.

Please note that a condition will be placed on these visas that restricts the time you spend in Australia to 12 months in every 18 months.

Visa application charges

A list of current fees and charges for a Visitor visa is available at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.

See: Visa application charges

Schedule an Appointment

With effect from 13 November 2017, it is mandatory to have an appointment for the submission of visa applications at all the Australian Visa Application Centres (AVAC) in India.

Click here to schedule an appointment

Track Your Application

This “Track your Application” facility can only be used if you have already submitted an application for a Visa at the Australian Visa Application Centre and have received an acknowledgement with a tracking number.

You can track your application by entering the Reference Number (VLN Number) on the receipt received from the Visa Application Centre and your Date of Birth by using:

See: Application Status

Note: The tracking functionality will only work for 20 working days after lodgement.

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