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Do I qualify for Canada Experience Class Visa?

Fee structure for the Visa

  • Here are all the expenses required for the visa application:
  • The Right of permanent residence Fee requires 490 CAD.
  • You are required to pay 475 CAD for the principal applicant.
  • If the principal applicant is less than 22 years old and not related as a spouse or common-law partner, then, you are required to pay 75 CAD as well.
  • If a family member (a spouse or common-law partner) of the principal applicant who is 22 years old or older, then, the amount 550 CAD is required. This amount also applies if the spouse or the common law-partner is less than 22 years old.
  • If a family member (not a spouse or common-law partner) of the principal applicant is less than 22 years old, then, the amount 150 CAD is applicable.

Advantages of Getting the Visa

  • There are multiple benefits associated with the permanent residency visa. Here are a few of them:
  • You can make a living in Canada permanently.
  • After getting the visa, you can also sponsor your family to get the permanent residency for them.
  • You can spend three years in Canada and then apply for the citizenship.

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