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Yukon Provincial Nominee Program

Yukon Provincial Nominee Program 2019

Yukon is a Canadian territory located in the north western side of Canada that is east of Alaska between British Columbia and Artic Ocean. It was a former territory. The province’s population is around 40,000 with the most populous city being the Whitehorse. Yukon is famous for— “legendary Klondike Gold Rush” near Dawson City and the smallest desert in the world—Carcross”.

The Yukon Government conducts the Yukon Nominee Program (YNP) associating with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

The partnership is based on— “Agreement for Canada-Yukon Cooperation on Immigration.”Through this partnership Yukon yearly nominates candidates who succeed in the permanent residency eligibility criteria for the federal government of Canada. The main categories of the Yukon Nominee Program of Critical Impact Workers as well a Skilled Workers are based on local labour requirements.

The Yukon employers are eligible to select the right internationally trained and well experienced international workers with the right skill sets, during the shortfall in the local workers in Yukon. The shortfall is especially contributed by the sparse population of the province. These international workers are then nominated by the province to receive a Canadian permanent residency to migrate to Yukon.

Yukon Provincial Nominee Program consists of four streams under which Yukon permanent residency is approved.

A qualified individual can migrate to Yukon through the following programs:

Yukon Express Entry (YEE)

Yukon Express Entry stream invites application to migrate permanently to the province through the IRCC’s Express Entry system. As the first step the qualified applicants will create a profile in the Express Entry System which is an online application.

By registering in the stream, the applicant gets automatically qualified for the various categories based on their international or Canadian experience provided they meet the minimum conditions of education, foreign or Canadian work experience, language capability.

The most important criteria to get qualified for this category are:

  • Pass the pre-eligibility requirement for any one of the IRCC’s federal express entry category;
  • Creation and maintenance of an active express entry profile in the federal system;
  • Availability of necessary settlement funds for integration into the province on approval of residency;
  • Availability of a job offer from a designated employer in Yukon;
  • Ability to demonstrate the intention to work, live as well as permanently settle in Yukon.

Requirements for the Yukon Express Entry

This program works in conjunction with Canada’s Express Entry program. This means that in order to be considered eligible:

Skilled Worker

  • Permanent full-time job offer from a YT employer in an occupation falling in NOC A, B, or 0;
  • A license or accepted by the Territorial body governing the trade;
  • Ability to conduct basic communication in the official languages; and
  • Cannot be a refugee claimant.

Critical Impact Worker

  • Permanent full-time job offer in an occupation falling in levels C or D in the NOC list;
  • A work permit and have worked in the position for 6 months;
  • Sufficient financial supports or settlement supports;
  • Required work experience for the occupation;
  • Ability to conduct basic communication in English or French; and
  • Not be a refugee claimant.

Yukon Business Nominee Program

The Business Nominee Program is intended to target the international business community who is interested to invest and migrate to Yukon. Only those applications which meet the minimum prescribed criteria will be selected are placed in a pool of possible candidates who may receive an approval.

The OINP manages three immigration categories: Human Capital, Employer Job Offer and Business Immigration. Each category is further divided into several streams.

Once approved the next step is an interview with immigration Yukon and on being successful, the candidate’s business proposal is assessed. Further this a 2-year work permit will be issued to initiate the launching process of the company. This 2-year time frame is to get settled in the province. After successful settlement of 2 years the Canadian permanent residency is further granted.

The most important area of a successful nomination the completeness of an application for permanent residency. The steps may seem simple; however, Yukon will not be accepting incomplete application and documentation. To ensure the completeness of your Yukon permanent residency application package, contact Pelican Migration Consultants in Dubai.

Our expert team will make sure a successful application for Yukon Permanent Residency provided the eligibility criteria are met.

Requirements for the Business Program Stream

There are two categories under the Business Program:


  • Make an investment of at least $150,000 CDN equity into starting or buying a business;
  • Visited the province at least once prior to application;
  • Basic communication skills in either English or French;
  • Have necessary experience and education to successfully implement the business plan.

Professional Self – Employed

  • Satisfy a certification or accreditation requirement for the profession or occupation;
  • Have a profession or occupation that has been listed as a professional skill shortage;
  • Submit a detailed business plan;
  • Has sufficient financial resources to start and operate the professional practices;
  • Visit the province; and
  • Have communication skills in English or French.

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