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What is TOEFL?

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a test of English proficiency and is taken by students who plan to study abroad and also those who seek to immigrate to English speaking countries. It is the most widely accepted test across the world.

Features of TOEFL

  • 1. There is no minimum passing marks for the test. However each university will have their required score for the test.
  • 2. The TOEFL is used for determining eligibility for admission and scholarship.
  • 3. You will be assessed for your English language skills at listening, reading and writing.
  • 4. The total time for taking the test is around four and a half hours including the time for checking in?
  • 5. A break of 10 minutes will be given to students after they complete the Reading and Listening Sections of TOEFL

What are the sections in TOEFL

TOEFL examination is divided into the following four sections

1. Reading

The Reading section lasts for 60 to 80 minutes and comprises of three or four passages taken from various fiction and non-fiction sources which are followed by questions that test your comprehension. It is important to know how to manage your time and answer the questions after understanding the text. It is important to take proper TOEFL training in order to attain the skill required for this section.

2. Listening

The listening section lasts for 60 to 90 minutes and test takers need to listen to discussions, seminars lectures and then answer the questions given in the listening sheet. This section of the text will require you to listen to a lot of matter and at the same time understand the accent and answer accordingly .

3. Speaking

Speaking Section in the TOEFL which is of 20 minutes in duration comprises of six tasks. Two of the tasks will include answering questions asked in native English voice and answering the questions about what they have heard. The questioner take around 15 minutes to ask the question and you will have forty five minutes to answer the question. The speaking section of the TOEFL exam tests the students on their listening and reading skills as well as their speaking skills

4. Writing

In this section you will be given a couple of tasks and you will have to answer them in the form of essay which is of a 200 to 400 word range. The essays are should be informative, and should not just be expanded for filing up the space. The quality of the essay is important for evaluation. The section will last for 50 minutes and you will need to write relevant matter on the topic given in order to do well in this section.

Structure Of The TOEFL Exam

S. No. Question type No. of Questions
1 Reading (60-80 minutes) Read 3 or 4 passages from academic texts and answer questions.
2 Listening (60-90 minutes) 34 – 51 Q Listen to lectures, classroom discussions and conversations, then answer questions.
3 Speaking (About 20 minutes) 2 Independent tasks (based on your knowledge and experience), 4 Integrated tasks (based on short readings and/or lectures)
4 Writing (50 minutes) 1 Independent task (based on your knowledge and experience),1 Integrated task (based on a short reading and a lecture)

Scoring of TOEFL

  • The TOEFL score ranges between 0 to 130, which are divided amongst the four sections in the following manner
  • 2. Reading – 0 to 30
  • 3. Listening – 0 to 30
  • 4. Speaking – 0 to 30
  • 5. Writing – 0 -30


Q. What is the age limit for TOEFL EXAM?

A. There is no age limit for the TOEFL exam as such but generally you would be recommended to take it only after you reach 16 years of age

Q. What is a good score on the TOEFL?

A. A good score on TOEFL exam can vary depending on what you are using the scores for. If you are using it to get admission to a university, you will need to check what the benchmark for that university is. Generally a score that is above 60 is considered a good score and a score that is above 80 is considered excellent.

Q. What is the cost of giving TOEFL?

A. The cost of registration for TOEFL exam is 170 USD or around 12,000 INR. The cost is subject to change and it is recommended that you reach out to us to know the exact cost at the time of taking the exams

Q. Is there a validity period for TOEFL?

A. Yes. The results of TOEFL exam will expire two years after your test date.

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